Hair Diary: Brittany G.

11:21 AM

When and why did you decide to go natural?

The idea crept up on me. It started with frustration. I have always adored long hair, and for as long as I clearly remember, have had straight hair. When I was a little girl, it was all the way down my back, and with a couple haircuts here and there, it stayed that way (my crazy mother once forced me to get a Halle Berry pixie cut against my will. As much as I hated it and her then, it wouldn't that have been the best time to go natural? Dang!). 

Well...after I headed out on my own, I started relaxing my own hair (my mother had always relaxed it at home), and flat ironing. Needless to say, it was damaged. I started seeing regular beauticians (I went through three in as many years), and my hair got better. But... I noticed that it wouldn't grow past my shoulderblades. I decided I was paying too much money for so little growth, and that I didn't like the idea of those dangerous chemicals on my scalp any more. I didn't like wasting my Saturday, I hated being under the dryer, I was tired of the chemical burns and not being able to swim when I wanted to.

I started looking up 'natural relaxers', and decided that I would switch to those. And then I started looking up..well, natural everything. I learned how to pre-poo and deep condition and set my hair in twists, next thing I knew, I was transitioning! My last relaxer was in April of 09, and I chopped off my relaxed length that August!

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision?

My family and I are estranged (happily, on my end). None of my friends had anything but kind words for me and my fabulous new fro, and though my BF had expressed displeasure with short natural hair before, he loved it, and said I looked beautiful-which is good, because he wasn't expecting me to cut it when I did!

What is your current hair routine?

I co-wash 1 or 2 times a week with a cheap shampoo like Suave Naturals or Herbal Essences followed by something better, like Yes to Carrots or Organix or something. If I need it, I'll use Roux Porosity Control or Nexxus Humectress, and the last condish I put in is generally Aubrey Organics or Kinky Curly Knot Today, and I don't really rinse it out. Sometimes I'll do a ACV rinse. I moisturize through the day as needed with sprays or water. On the weekends I DC with a mix of conditioner, glycerin, oils, butters and herbs. OH! and a Behentrimonium Methosulfate/Cetyl Alcohol pellet mix. Sometimes I do twist outs, but I'm lazy (I like to call it low maintenance), and so I normally wash and go or smooth it back with a spandex scarf. I sleep with my hair in a silk scarf normally, after applying water, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and some castor/olive oil.

What are your hair goals?

I want a huge mess of hair. I keep my ends moisturized, and as soon as I can manage a couple of ponytails in the back, I'll be baggying. I don't trim, but I don't need to, IMO. I'd like for my hair to be waist-length when straight. When my  hair seems to be consistently behaving, I'll experiment with color.

Have you learned any new styles or techniques this year?

Well, I recently mastered the puff, and I love it! I don't do too many styles, but technique-wise, I've started tying a scarf over my hair when I go outside at all. The Florida heat is amazingly bad for my hair. I learned how to shingle with KCCC

What is your definition of "good" hair?

Hair that is loved and well cared for, and thus gets to show the best of its traits.

Curly girls have more fun because...They break the mold!!

Thanks for sharing Britt! -KKQ

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