Lazy Weekend Hair = Mid Week Hair Fab....Part I

3:20 PM

Giovanni Smooth as Silk is not only a great conditioner, leave in and deep conditioner...I now know that it's a great styler for twist outs too. If you read my hair post yesterday then you know that I got real lazy this past weekend and instead of using this, this and that for my twists I only used the Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner. My hair has been twisted since Saturday and it was still a little damp this morning went I started to unravel them. Here's the look...

Gotta ♥ big soft fluffy hair!!! I totally have 2nd day hair on the first day and even with the frizz its fab to me! I must note that last night, before I went to bed, I took a little coconut oil and rubbed it into my twists to give it some sheen. Can I still claim conditioner only?? LOL!

Stay tuned today for Part II of this post....I took some pics of how I styled it with a handfull of hair pins lol! I got the idea from yesterday's Hair Diary: Brandi P!

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