Hair Diary: SanguineRose81

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When and why did you decide to go natural?

The idea had been lingering in my mind for a while prior to making the decision, but I officially started “transitioning” in 2001. I decided to grow out my relaxer because I missed my hair. I didn’t grow up with relaxers kind of being imposed on me, and actually relaxed my hair because of the lack of information and know-how in styling my hair as a 14 year old. No one around me was natural, so I had no examples to follow. All I knew was slicking my hair back with hair grease, water and a hard-bristled brush.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision?

I never asked for their support or opinions, if I’m being honest! LOL! I was fortunate in that it wasn’t that serious with anyone. I just did what I wanted. One thing I’ve learned is you have to make decisions based upon what’s in YOUR best interest. Their support, in my mind, was of no significance whether it was voiced or not.

Where do you live? How is the natural hair comminity there?

I live in the DC area, and fortunately there are many MANY naturals walking around. Loose and loc’d, and I love it. When we see each other, we almost give look of approving acknowledgement. I’ve even seen more children rocking their natural hair, which is such a great thing. It bugs me when I see 6 year olds with missing edges and broken off/damaged hair.

What is your current hair routine?

Simple. To minimize over-manipulation, I keep my hair twisted up about 95% of the time, or in some variation of protective styles. On rare occasions I wear a WnG, but I find that I have to use more product and spend more time and I prefer to keep everything to a minimum. I twist my hair every week or so and doing this has allowed me to literally just finger-detangle as I haven’t used a comb since December(with the exception of the fluffy blow-out I did  a month or so ago…:P).Never thought I’d be able to do that with layered mid-back to waist-length [stretched] hair.

Your favorite hair products are....

  • Henna, Amla, and other Ayurvedic (and natural) herbs.
  • Cantu Shea Butter Leave In
  • PM The Conditioner
  • Elucence MBC
  • Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa
  • Broaer’s Intensive Conditioner

As you can see, most involve conditioners or leave ins.

Do you have any hair goals? What steps are you taking to achieve them?

Last year, some ladies and myself from participated in a grow out-challenge where we didn’t cut our hair for a year. This was to see just how much length we could retain by utilizing low-manipulation routines. I went from APL(arm-pit length) in November 2008 to waist-length and slightly beyond in September 2009 and December 2009 (as pictured below). So I know that I can grow my hair pretty long, so length is not really a goal now. Ultimately, my overall goal is to retain healthy hair, no matter the length. That’s it. And to do that, it involves me being healthy both in mind and body, and using products that allow me to maximize the health of my hair.

Favorite hair style....

My favorite style is ANYTHING that allows me to stretch it for more than 5 days! LOL!

Curly girls have more fun because...

..we just do :-)

Beautiful Sis!! Want to know more about Kindra? Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @SanguineRose81

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