How I Style | Wash & Go Pt. 2 "Nighttime Routine"

2:28 PM

*Watch In HD*

Products Mentioned:
Wen Pomegranate Rosemary Treatment Oil (Ebay has the best prices)

Pictures after the jump...

Have A Great Day :)

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  1. Informative video : ) are there any other oil products that you could suggest? Or, would suggest to stay away from? I have a couple girls that visit my blog that I know are looking for some product recommendations : )

  2. Did you ever do the kera care and as I am comparrison video? Did you try the butter cream and conditioner. Have you tried any new products at all? Or new protective styles. I miss you on youtube. It is hard to find people that do a honest product review. I hope you come back. I know it is time consuming. Do you have a black friday list? Thank you

  3. Excellent hair. So beautiful and looks so healthy. Want to offer you some tips of hair-dos for New Year parties:Check out my weblog Hair transplant in Pakistan

  4. Its rare to see these types of hair.. It looks amazing and video is awesome thanks...

  5. Hi,
    I hope all is well. I love and miss your vlogs.

  6. Hi, KinkyKurlyQueen. I hope all is well with you and your family. Please do a brief post or upload to let us know how you're doing. Wishing the best to you and yours.

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  8. I would definitely like to know more about Curly Wavy Hair Care Routine

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