Favorite 9 Posts Of 2009

Get The Look: Laura Izibor Ruffle Pumps

Hair Inspiration: Lisa Bonet

2 Years Down, So Many More To Go!!!

Hair Update: I Trimmed My Ends

In Review: Safi Avocado Shea Butter

Show Off: Kesha

Obsessive Links

Quote Of The Week

America's Next Top Mane!

Curly Hair & Trichohyalin...What's The Connection?

Get The Look: Rihanna Is Fur Fierce

Honest Scrap: 10 Questions Tag!

The Twists Are Back!

A Gift For Moi!!

Fab Sweaters On Any Budget

Princess Tiana Is A....Hit!!!!!!

Quote Of The Week

Nazri Segaro

D.I.Y. Beauty: Megatek Frosting Recipe

Spotted: Corrine Bailey Rae

In Review: Bee Mine Products

Quote Of The Week

Hair Diary: S. Johnson

Bee Mine Products Review Coming Soon!

Obsessive Pumps Under $100

Obsessed Mail: Detangling Help!

Jessi M'Bengue

Quote of the Week

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