3 Weeks Of Twists Down...A Fab Twist Out For Days!

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The title says it all...I wore my twists for 3 weeks and the twist out cam out fabulous!! But before I get into that I want to go over my last few days wearing the twists...

First of it was hot...no more like HOT everyday last week and the HUMIDITY was ridiculous! Although the weather cause me a lot of frizz, the humidity actually helped to keep my twists plumped and soft. For the last week or so my regime has been super simple...almost nonexistent lol! I massaged my scalp using Bee Mine Scalp Serum, spray my ends with water and that's it. I did that process every other day, except for the day I took these photos. I applied a little Avocado Shea Butter to seal the moisture in after spritzing with water.

The next day I decided go ahead and take down. I had initially planned to wash my hair immediately after the take down, but after seeing the first couple twists unraveled decided to rock a twist out instead. The definition was CRAZY and felt so soft. And you would think that because the SMCES (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) is such a thick product that my hair would feel weighed down and greasy, but it didn't feel that way at all. Here's a couple of the take down and twistout...
I absolutely loving this twist out...which is currently on it's 3rd day and it's still looking good. All except for a small patch of middle I spotted this morning. Yuck! Tonight I plan on shampooing and then an overnight DC using Rhassoul Clay. I'm not sure what how I'll be styling my hair or how long I'll wait before putting in my next set of twists, but I'll keep you guys updated of course!

*Sidebar* Anyone notice my hair getting lighter or is it just me? My hair has always been brown, I actually used to hate the color of my hair, but lately it seems lighter to me. I'm not sure if it's the sun or could it be my beloved Rhassoul...I have no clue. No complaints though, I love it! It makes my kinks look sunkissed lol!

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  1. This twist out is beautiful! And I do notice a difference in your hair color. Very pretty :-)

  2. I notice a difference in your hair color, also. So glad you're back Shana!!! You're my hair inspiration. I can't wait until my hair gets long and healthy like yours!

  3. pretty thicky thick hair! love it!

  4. Hey sis! Your twists and twist outs look amazing sis! They look so soft!
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. i had to tell you: i took a picture of your twists and showed it to my stylist and said "i want my twists exactly like this, please." we both laughed. :)

    but really. you do have the best twists i've seen. definitely gonna give the SMCES a try.


  6. I was just thinking to myself how light brown your hair is getting after I looked at a pic from your Teeny Weeny Twist Bun and looked at your hair now.

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  8. This twistout turned out great! Yes. I have noticed a difference in the color of your hair and it looks like you re-colored it, but I wasn't sure. The twist out looks great btw. I'm glad I'm not the only person who does that. I love impromptu twist outs!

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    >> http://loeski.tumblr.com

  9. @Janelle LOL! How did the twists come out?

    @Loeski Nope, no re-coloring over here sis. However if I ever did decide to color my hair, I would go darker not lighter. I love the look of dark curls and kinks!!

  10. I recently picked some Rhassoul Clay from my health food store (new NOW brand). "Liked" the results, will try it again by adding coconut oil & avacado butter and keep it in overnight to enhance the benefits. I want to love it. Plus my ends are looking scraggly ;-( BTW...why do you not plan on trying henna as a conditioner?

  11. It is probably the sun lightening your hair. I once spent a month in Mexico and came back with brown highlights on my locs.

  12. your hair is gorgeous! absolutely love it!

  13. Wow! your twists are gorgeous! I started to wear a twistout in this heat wave and after one day I said forget that! So now I twisted up again. Did you do anything special to control the frizz?

  14. Beautiful as always! You're the reason I keep trying mini twists (=

  15. the twists and twist outs are pretty! Yea I notice a little lightening. pretty though

  16. WOW I am LOVING LOVING LOVING your hair here!
    I cannot believ how much it has grown but seriously Shana it looks sooooooooooo soft
    I just wanna touch it! hahaha...I soo completely understand them other folks wanting to touch my hair now :/
    It does look lighter too, gosh your baby hairs remind me of your niecy poo ha! I spend too much time on your blog..ps: I am in Morocco at the moment and just went to the market yesterday and purchased 10 bags of FRESHLY made rhassoul clay and 250ml of THE PUREST argan oil!!!!! I cannot wait to get it on my head...will share pics on my blog

  17. Absolutely beautiful!! Yes your hair has gotten lighter...gorgeous! how long is your hair? bsl? mbl?


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