In Review: Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel

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Product Description
Kiss My Face Upper Management Medium Hold Styling Gel shows off natural hair gel at its best. Rich in organic botanicals, Kiss My Face Upper Management Medium Hold Styling Gel is the final step for luxurious locks that stay under your control. Kiss My Face Upper Management Medium Hold Styling Gel contains natural vitamins that nourish your hair and scalp cleanly, without buildup. Kiss My Face Upper Management Medium Hold Styling Gel provides effective control and hair nourishment all in one.
Cost: 8 oz. bottle for $5.44 @

Ingredients: Purified, Deionized Certified Organic Floral Water (of Nettle, Calendula and Chamomile), Carbopol, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (Amino Acid derived), Yeast Extract, Panthenol, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Grapefruit Extract.

My Thoughts: I'd been hearing a lot of good reviews on this styling gel from other naturals, so I decided to try it out for myself. I ordered my from I used this site several times in the past, they offer low prices and quick shipping. So if you like using organic (or mostly organic) hair products or are just in the market for vitamins, you should definitely check out the site. On to the review...I wore my braid out for 2 days, but on the night of day 2 I noticed a bit of frizz in the crown and middle sections. So to correct the issue I decided to rebraid my hair and use the KMF Gel for extra hold and of course frizz control. I applied it in pretty much the same way I set the original braids, I made a couple in the back a little bit bigger though. The consistency is thinner and more workable than Eco Styler, it kinda reminds me of the As I Am Curling Jelly but with a little more slip. KMF Gel is pH balanced and contains no parabens, phtalates or SLS. The smells is very fresh and citrus, which worked well with the JC Nourish & Shine that was already on my hair. I use a dime sized amount for each braid, covered with a satin scarf and slept. In the morning, I unraveled some Vatika Oil and lightly fluffed.
Although I loved the outcome, I should have used a bit more, because just like the label says the hold is medium. Other than that, my felt very soft, smelled good and had a nice sheen. What more could you want from 3rd day hair :)

Have you tried any Kiss My Face products? Thoughts??

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  1. I have never used their products although I have seen them in stores. Your braid out still turned out really nice! You are such an inspiration with all the styles you create. Thank you!

  2. I currently have Kidd My Face Upper Managemet Gel in my stash. It has a nice soft hold thats good for nice on braid (or flat twist) outs. I plan on trying it for buns in the future. After I finish it I won't repurchase though...I prefer my homeade flax seed gel.

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  4. I love this gel. I use it with Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk for my WNG on my not so teeny weeny afro. It gives me great hold. I simply love it.

  5. I could tell from the photos that there is a softer hold bec it was less defined but still gorgeous! If you want a softer look to your braid outs you know exactly what to use! I have a few gels in my stash already but I'll keep this one in mind.. Thanks for the review (=


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