Obsessed Mail: Too Much Shedding!

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Kayla writes -
Hi! My hair is shedding and to me it is a lot. I'm not sure if the amount is normal to others or not. I put henna in my hair back in June and I'm wondering if that was the cause. My hair was a lot less defined and frizzy right after I did the henna. It had pretty much returned to its original state but then I noticed shedding. I wear my hair in a big bun for a week then wash it on the weekend. I notice when I take the bun down, wash, de-tangle, and style my hair comes out. Do you think the henna is causing the shedding?
Hi Kayla! The experts claim that the average person shed about a 100 strands per day.  So when you bun your hair up for a week, that's 7 days of built up shed hair. When it comes time for you to wash it may seem like a ton of hair is coming out, but it's really just built up shed hair. I can't really say if using Henna is causing you excessive shedding, because I've never used it on my hair...and don't plan to. However, from what I've read some have experience some shedding the first couple of times they've used Henna. Also if your not following your Henna treatments with a deep condition immediately afterwards, your hair can be left feeling dry and brittle. Some even compare Henna to protein treatments...read more about that >>HERE<<.

Unusual amounts of shedding can cause by a number of things. Causes like stress and poor diet are the most common triggers. If the shedding starts to become too much of an issue, I would highly suggest you talk to a physician.

I hope this helps you...keep me updated on your progress! -KKQ

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. Wow.. I'm actually glad this was posted. Although I've never used henna in my hair, and like you, never plan to, it was useful for me to know that a person sheds at least 100 strands of hair each day. This caused me to understand that I'm not really shedding more hair than the average person when I comb my hair.

    My mother has been helping me with my protective hairstyles recently, using thread. I usually just do flat twist protective haristyles :)

  2. Thanks! I experienced the same thing after using Henna, and although I didn't freak out too much (figured it was normal) I was a bit concerned.

    Appreciate this post :)


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