Video: How I Maintain My Wash & Go's

4:19 PM

*Watch In HD*
Hey ladies! This is just a quick video detailing how I wrap my hair at night and revive in the morning. The products I used to set my wash and go (which is not shown) were Castor Oil, Ori Organics Leave In (not available) and clear Eco Styler gel. To fluff in the morning, all I need is a a few spritz of water, lots of fluffing and a little stretching with my blowdryer.
Here's my hair at the end of that day...

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7 People Obsessing!

  1. beautiful hair girl. ive been following you for two years now and your hair is gorgeous! your skin is looking good to. take care

  2. i can't wait to rock wash and gos! your hair is gorgeous!

  3. I tried this last night, and my hair came out great this morning. Thanks for sharing!


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