The Twists Are Back!

4:37 PM

As most of you already know, the teeny twists are back!!!  I didn't plan on wearing twists for the entire winter, but I'm loving my twists and I don't see myself getting tired of them anytime soon.  They're sooo convenient and easy to maintain.  Before doing my current set I did give my hair a few days rest, to wash and deep condition, but by Dec. 5th I wanted my twist  I plan on wearing the current set until early or mid January and twisting my hair again for February.  To moisturize my ends I alternate between Raw Unrefined Shea Butter and Bee Mine Curly Butter.  Every other day I massage my scalp with Bee Mine Growth Serum.  Since the serum tends to be a little drying, I follow up with Wild Growth Oil.

To watch a video of me talking about my twists click here.

To read about my last set of twists click here.

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  1. Your hair is just Lovely!!! I'm currently in between permed and natural so I'm using kinky twists braids to assist with transition. Loving the up do! Do you clip your ends?


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