Curly Hair & Trichohyalin...What's The Connection?

6:34 PM

I read an interesting article, written by Paul Arnold, today about the genectics of curly hair.  Here's a small excerpt...

A gene called Trichohyalin is strongly suspected of influencing whether your tresses are twisted or not.  Trichohyalin (TCCH) on chromosome one is a gene that is usually expressed in the inner root sheath and is involved in the development of the hair follicle.  But it also appears to contribute to the physical appearance of hair.  Biologically the curliness of hair is determined by the distribution of proteins called keratins as well as cell types in the hair fibre. As hair becomes curlier the number of mesocortical cells decreases.

To read the ful article please visit  Make sure you come back and share your thoughts.

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