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Hello KKQ,
My name is Kesha and I have been natural for a 1yr as of November..and I am lovin it and I am still learning how to manage it.  Thanks to your youtube channel along with other natural hair youtubers, I have been able to learn a whole lot about my hair.  The pics I am sending is actually a braid out gone  I had decided to try it instead of my usual flat twist out and was shocked when it didn't turn out right.  It was Sunday morning and I was getting ready for church and I was in panic mode, I grabbed a banana clip and went to work!  I loved this style..its like one of those meals you throw together real quick because your running late and it ends up being one the best things you ever tasted.  This is just one of the many trials of my natural hair journey.  Hope u like it...
Btw..right now my daughter and I are sportin the Tiny Twist!!  Her hair is more like yours its thick and of course she has been natural from I'm sooo jealous of her hair and how hers turned out..  Mine are small and not as thick as hers but I separate them into two sections and flat twist them and use bobby pins to pin the ends and that's how I rock mine....

**If you have a hair story you'd like to share or just want to "Show Off" your curls, send a breif story along with 2-3 pictures to

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