Obsessed Mail: Detangling Help!

12:51 PM

A Naturally Obsessed reader asks:

Q: What is the best way to go about detangling my natural hair?

The first thing you want to do is to divide your hair into sections.  However many sections you do will depend on the length, thickness and texture of your hair.  I usually do 4-6 sections because my hair is very thick and highly textured.  Next rinse your hair thoroughly, the conditioner allows more slip when the hair is soaking wet.  The next step is to soften the hair.  If you have tight curls like mine than you know that just loading the hair with conditioner is just not enough sometimes.  Apply your conditioner one section at a time then braid the hair.  The braids will help to stretch the hair and prevent it from getting even more tangled.  Cover the hair with a plastic cap and let it set for a few hours or even overnight.   This will loosen up the curls a bit, making it a lot easier for your wide toothed comb or denman to get through.  When it comes time to detangle you'll do one section at a time.  Unbraid it and begin to comb or brush it slowly from the ends up to the roots.  If you come across a knot, work it out carefully with your fingers.  Repeat, rinse and style!

*If you'd like to share your detangling process please do so below :-)

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