Favorite 9 Posts Of 2009

2:25 PM

In no particular order here are my favorite posts of 2009.  Enjoy :-)

It All Starts At Home 3279597

Ethnic Hair Products & Cancer 6363854

10 Reasons Why Women Should Go Natural 3636521

Hair Diary: Tanisha Renee 6199664

Could You Pull This Off? 3116351

Get Liberated With Nikia Phoenix 6275176

8 Tips For Healthy Hair 6129042

America's Next Top Mane 6710904

Overbearing Mother...What To Do? 5387853

Whenever you get a chance to, check the archives and/or use the search button to read through some of my past posts...Lots of good stuff there!!

Bonus Post: Naptural Poetry..Jackie Why? 5311218

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