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Yes, you read the title correctly, it's not an April Fool's's a real giveaway lol!! It's been a long time since my last one, but when I was approached by Kenya, a Self Care Consultant from Soul Purpose, to host a giveaway I jumped at the opportunity to give something back to my loyal readers. Soul Purpose offers its associates an opportunity for prosperity and provides the tools for ongoing success. Learn more about the company's mission and opportunities HERE!

Kenya is all about taking time for self and pampering and all she wants to know is "When was the last time you were pampered"? You know took some time out to do something...anything for yourself. Tell us what or how you did special for yourself. Answer the question and be entered to win a fabulous prize!

Prize • A 4 oz body balm from our Hidden Beach exclusive collection. The warm vanilla scent is enticing with a hint of mango and sweet almond oil. The rich combination of shea, cocoa butter and essential oils slide on after a bath or shower.  Keeps skin moist, fresh and smooth the entire day. Prize valued at $20.

The giveaway will run from April 1st to April 15th. In order for your response to be considered, you must be a member of and you must be U.S. resident. Your entry must include your first name or nickname, response to the question and your email address. There is no right or wrong answer and the winner will be selected randomly and announced April 16th.

Have fun and good luck :)

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31 People Obsessing!

  1. LaNeshe here!

    The last time I pampered myself was my birthday in January when I got a professional massage, it was great, just not long enough!

  2. Candice
    The Last time I pampered myself... was when I went to the nail salon and got a pedi...loved it!

  3. Yvette

    The last time I pampered myself coincided with wash day. The day after (during Valentine's day weekend), I got a mani/pedi (didn't want to ruin my nails by washing after the mani lOl).

  4. Monique
    The last time I truly pampered myself was 3 years ago. This was just before I was pregnant with my son, my friends and I spent a day at the spa. Lord knows I could use some pampering in my life these days.

  5. The last time I pampered myself was a few months ago when I bought a whole bunch of new products and did my hair in the cutest style!


  6. chika e.

    the last time i pampered my self? it was on feb 5th, and i gave up on my natural journey so i got a relaxer at the salon. it was nice experience. now wish i didnt. lol. back to the journey to natural. lol.

  7. cari d. m. (the ##=@ symbol)
    is a subscriber/member.
    last time i pampered myself was a month ago when I did an overnight henna treatment. Plans to do one again tonight!

  8. The last time I pampered myself was in 2009 when I turned 21 :-(. I didn't have to think long and hard on this question thought I wish I could go back to this year and know that I should continually be making better moments!

    Sasa or on the blogs I call myself AsyahKinks lol and my other email is linked to blogspot!

  9. April

    The last time I pampered myself was almost two years ago- April 30, 2009. It was my BFF's birthday and we went out for massages... oh sweet memories :)

  10. Natasha

    The last time I pampered myself was for my birthday in Febuary; I went to the spa for a muscle meltdown massage and indulged with a mani and pedi. Totally awesome.

  11. Yesterday I treated myself to some new nail polish. Davina@

  12. (Markeeta -
    I try to take time out for myself at least once a week or every two weeks. The last time was a week ago, I got a spa mani and pedi :)

  13. Tif-fro-nee (

    The last time I pampered myself was last month. I took the liberty to order more rhassoul clay (Thanks KKQ!!! Rhassoul clay is a girl's best friend) and I also ordered some other goodies to try on my hair, Tif-fro-nee.


  14. LovelyCurlyElle here :)

    The last time I pampered myself was my bday, Feb.13th. I got a mani and pedi.

    Thanks! .:)

  15. The last time I pampered myself was on October 6, 2010 (my birthday). I went to a day spa and got a deep cleaning facial.

    Good luck ladies!!!!



  16. Demetra
    The last time I was pampered was when a good friend gifted me with a gift certificate for a 2 hour massage. The masseuse was simply magnificent as she made a house call and she made me feel so relaxed. My friend also got a certificate for herself so we got to spend two chill hours together and talk about meaningful subjects.

  17. Marquiesha

    The last time I pampered myself was when I first got back from Iraq almost a year ago. I treated myself to a spa pedi and mani.

  18. Tamara

    The last time I was pampered was for my 5 year wedding anniversary last March. My husband surprised me with a massage and facial at the spa and a weekend free of kids. It was really appreciated and fantastic.

  19. lola321ify

    Gee wiz! I honestly can't remember the last time I was pampered!

  20. Tiffany
    sunday evening: i mixed a great diy herbal mask and applied on my face for an hour. used an cold eye mask for 30 mins and shaped by nails :)

  21. Sorry!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    *I don't really recall the last time I was "pampered" but I did get my eyebrows threaded at a spa two weeks ago, if that's considered as pampering?? ;)

  22. Nicole

    The last time I pampered myself was yesterday night. I had a glass of wine and watched a good movie.

  23. Lei (

    The last time I pampered myself was with a bath around a one ago. I used a Lush bath ballistic and a bubble bar! It was absolutely relaxing and wonderful. :)

  24. The last time I was pampered? Hmm...awesome bath house in Japan, over two years ago now. I just joined Naturally Obsessed as Jennifer Mo.
    ailanna at hotmail dot com

  25. So many great responses!!! Good luck :)

  26. Adesuwa

    When was the last time I pampered myself... wow, this is a hard one! The last time I pampered myself I think was during the summer! Honestly, I think it was in the summer. What a shame!

  27. Dishon

    The last time was pampered....hmm its been a while. I guess two weeks ago. I received a mini foot massage after a long day.

  28. I can't remember the last time I pampered myself

  29. Hanna

    the last time I pampered myself...its been quite a while, I guess I would say last summer, I got a manicure. I did not realize it'd been that long...

  30. Ladies the contest ends soon and I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to add your comments. I hope that this allowed you to reflect on when was the last time you took time for YOU. While reading I found that manicures and pedicures are most common forms of pampering. It was great reading all of your comments from the birthday celebration pampering to the gifts from spouses. Everyone knows that self care is an important aspect of stress management. Take the time to treat your body like the temple it is there are benefits. Soul Purpose is an avenue to making sure the spa is in your home. Take a break amidst a warm tub of bubbles with Ghanaian Brown Sugar and Honey


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