Video: Cassie Solange & Selita Talk Hair w/ Lisa Price Of Carol's Daughter

12:53 AM

The gorgeous new faces of Carol's Daughter sit down with Lisa Price and talk "good" hair, hair acceptance and a bit about what their hair means to them. I've never tried CD products...never paid the brand that much attention. However, I'm loving this ad campaign and can't wait to see more videos with these ladies. "It's not a pet" lol @ Solange!
Are you a fan of Carol's Daughter products? 

** Check out this interview from where Lisa address the "skin color" controversy in the new ads!

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. aww that was cute i liked it! I haven't tried Carol's daughter but I might I see her on HSN from time to time... I want to see part 2! Thanks for posting (=

  2. I've used many different CD products: Hair Milk, Hair Smoothie, Hair Balm, Mimosa Hair Honey, Kizzi, Healthy Hair Butter, Body Souffles and Scrubs. I liked most, except for the salt scrubs, but discontinued use because the product either didn't fit any purpose in my routine or was too pricey. The Healthy Hair Butter was my staple hair product for years. I think that it's a great product and I love its incense-"health food store" smell. Although I now prefer shea and coconut mixes, I still think that its a great creamy hair butter. My other favorite CD product is actually one that is no longer made: Nectar of the Goddess Honey Pudding. This was a wonderful body butter. Absolutely loved it. The brown sugar scrub is also great and smells yummy but a little pricey.


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