8 Reasons To Add Tea To Your Beauty Regimen

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I love tea! I drink a cup of green tea almost every morning for a quick pick me up. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of post about Black Tea rinses and how they can reduce shedding and make hair stronger. After reading this post http://www.justgrowalready.com/2010/07/black-tea-rinse-i-you.html, black tea rinses are now on my list of things to try. Below is an article that points out 8 key reasons why tea is so great for your beauty regimen.

Article by Shirley Bragg of About.com
Polyphenols - This is one ingredient that puts tea into the beauty category. It fights plaque causing dental bacteria. Green and black tea even helps to fight cavities. Polyphenols is also an anti-oxident that protects you from free radical damage.

Green Tea - In a recent study, people who drank green tea burned more calories than those who consumed caffeine alone. Now is that a good reason or what!

Nettle Tea - This tea boosts circulation and hair growth while adding shine. Brew a half cup, allow to cool and then massage into the scalp, leave for 5 minutes or so and then rinse.

Rosemary Tea - Brew a cup and then allow to cool. Saturate hair for five minutes or so and then rinse with cool water. All the residue that has been dulling your hair will disappear.

Creating Highlights - I have actually seen this work. My niece actually darkened her blonde hair with tea. If you have red hair, green tea is the color of choice. Chamomile tea will add blonde highlights, black tea will add a glow to dark hair and for gray hair, try ginseng.

More Notes on Color - In India, women combine strong Indian tea with cloves to darken greying hair. In Jamaica, rum is added to the tea to bring out highlights. Now this might be folklore, I'm not sure, but one source claimed that gypsy women would happily drink nettle tea to keep their hair black and glossy. From that, I have to wonder about the taste or could it be a warning of something else??

Be Sure To Rinse - Even though tea has lots of anti-aging properties, it can still stain your teeth. After each cup, be sure to rinse. Nothing is worse than yellow teeth.

The Anti-Aging Part - In the last tip I mentioned anti-aging, so I thought that I would elaborate just a little. It seems that regular tea drinkers have a reduced rate of heart disease. And this study claimed a whopping 44% reduction.

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  1. Could you go more in-depth or explain a little bit more about the coloring aspects of the tea? For instance, you said green tea for red hair is that to help with the red color or darken the red such as your niece or boost the color etc? and the same for the other teas. And are they coming from drinking the tea or doing a rinse with the tea?


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