My 2011 Hair Regimen

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My 2011 hair regimen...I sorta broke it down HERE but this list is what I've really been doing so far this year...
Monthly • Shampoo followed by a overnight Rhassoul Clay Treatment. Detangle and style in the morning.
Weekly •  Cowash using a light conditioner like, Giovanni Smooth As Silk or Ori Organics Daily Deep Condish. Detangle and style.
Bi-Weekly • Shampoo with a a mild cleanser like, Ori Oganics Hydrating Curl or Bee Mine Ayurvedic poo bar. Deep condition with Bee Mine Moisturizing deep condish. Detangle and style.
Daily • If I'm wearing a wash & go I'll fluff and spritz with water or SM's Moisture Mist. If wearing a braid out, which is my usual, I just fluff and may add a Avocado Shea Butter or Hemp Seed Butter to smooth flyaways.
Nightly • To preserve a wash & go I'll pineapple my hair. If it's braid out I'll put it in a low pony and cover with a scarf or rebraid.
Whenever Wherever Whatever • I'll dust/trim and get rid of knots on my ends when it's necessary. I'm not length obsessed so I have no problem getting rid of shabby ends when I need to. I try to oil and massage my scalp every week, but I'm very lazy when comes time to do it. I still have my Huetiful steamer, but I haven't used it in a while though...for no reason other than laziness lol! If I feel like my hair needs a boost of strength I'll deep condition with Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner....this stuff is awesome, I forgot to mention it in my fav products video. 
If this regimen should change throughout the year, this post will be updated.

**Note: I do test and review a lot of other products, but the ones listed above are my staples. Even if I give something a positive review it doesn't mean it automatically goes in my routine. It's important in any regimen to be as consistent as possible. This is my routine and these are my staples, but if you are currently building your own regimen simply use this as an example. Replace my fav products with your own favs and tweak it to fit your lifestyle.

What's your regimen for 2011? 

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  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Consider me your newest follower.


  2. man your hair is gorgeous! need to be finding my regimen. thank you so much for sharing!


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