Video: How I Style | Braid Out Part 2

1:42 PM

*Watch In HD*
FINALLLLLLLLY!!!!! So sorry for the HUGE delay in uploading this video. At the time this tutorial was made,  my computer was acting a fool and I had to have it serviced. I actually thought the files got deleted in the process, but after some digging I found them.
 I pinky promise to never make you guys wait months for a sequel lol!!
Enjoy :)
If you have not seen Part 1 it can be viewed here:
Products Shown: (I was NOT paid to mention these products)
Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions
Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

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1 People Obsessing!

  1. Love the video. You do great videos for people who are natural or want to transition. I am natural and have been so for about four years now. Check out my blog at

    Looking forward to your other videos!


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