Tiny Twists Update: Week 2 & Lots Of Pics

10:32 AM

Not much has changed since last week except.... I realized that Shea Butter was making my hair a little too greasy and I'm pretty much out of Bee Mine Curly Butter, so I used BB (Bronner Bros.) Oil Moisturizer with Castor Oil on my ends and it worked out great.  It was very hot and humid this week and that combination made my twists swell.  You really can't tell in the pictures but I can definitely see a difference in size.  This is my first summer wearing tiny twists so I wasn't expecting that, but they still look good so no big deal.  Wasn't really in the picture taken mood this week, but I woke up thursday morning and just started snapping random hair pics so I'd have something to show ya'll lol....enjoy :-)

My roots...

Flat twists and two mini buns...

Big bun and a swoop....Almost forgot to mention, I retwisted a small section on this side, because they were too big and didn't match the other side.  If you compare last week's update to this pic you can see the difference....

One big twist lol....

Big messy bun...It got really hot and picture time was ova lol!!  In my head I was like "they better like these pics, got me in here sweattin!"

Moving on to week 3....

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. KKQ, how, and I do mean HOW do you twist your hair so tiny?!?!? How long does that take you and how the heck do you tack them out? I am fascinated and mesmerized. You hair is phenomenal!

  2. Would like to start this natural hair journey by doing the 2 strand twist. If I can't get aloe Vera gel, what other gel can I use

  3. Just started my mini twists and I love them can't wait to see them a couple of months from now


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