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5:20 PM

Now you guys already know how much I love braid outs, but I decided to add twist to my regular set.  On shampooed and thoroughly deep conditioned hair I applied Acai Oil by De Fabulous (Great Stuff!) in sections.  Then a dime size amount of Bee Mine Curly Butter to smaller sections and began to braid.  When I got close to the ends I rolled them on to 7/8" Snap On Magnetic Rollers, sat under my Soft Bonnet Dryer for maybe 20 minutes and air dried the rest of the day and overnight. 

In the morning I unrolled and began to separate the curls and unravel the braids with a little Avocado Shea Butter on my fingertips....And I hated it!  I mean it wasn't the worst style out I've ever done but It just wasn't cute to me.  Ok the curls at the ends were cute, but the length of my hair was full of frizz.  I doubt if it was because of the products used, I've used them before on regular braid outs and it came out fine.  Or maybe the braids were to big, I don't know...What do you think? 

Never to be defeated by my failed do, I grabbed a handful of bobby pins and started loosely pinning the hair towards the middle into a curly faux hawk.  I left a couple curls at the bottom so it wouldn't look to structured and tight.  Here are the pics....

Loves It ♥

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