All Twisted Up...Final Pics

1:14 PM

I completely forgot to show you guys the final result of my current set of twists.  Everyone keeps how long does it take and the answer is that it's different for everybody.  For some people it takes 8-10 hours, for me it usually takes 2-3  days to complete.  One thing you must know about me is that I can't not sit still for long periods of time.  I start thinking about all the others things that need to get done around the house and I make those things a priority too.  So I'll do a small section, then wash the dishes, do a small section, then focus on my niece, do a small section and start dinner.  That cycle goes on and!  Also my younger sister went into to labor and delivered her baby the same day as my niecey poo's birthday, May 11th.  I stayed with her in the hospital while she was going through the process, and that to a huge chunk of twisting time away from me, but it was all worth it!  She delivered a beautiful baby girl we call Charlie...I don't know how that name came about but I just go with!

When I finaly finished twisting this was the result....


♥ Bonus Pic ♥

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