Obsessed Mail: I Just Want To Say Thank You!

10:51 AM

A letter from Juanita...

I absolutely love your site.  You have inspired me to go au natural....LOL!!  I literally cried looking at some of the stories on your site.  I have seen how many women embraced being natural and I was always ashamed.  Years after having completely damaged hair I am almost bald and have finally
decided to embrace my natural hair.  My family does not agree with it which makes me scared, but you and your site are truly inspirational. I would just like to thank you. When I finally get the courage (which will be sooner than later) to do the big chop you will definitely see me on your site pictures, smiles, and all!

Wow!! Your very welcome and at the the same time, Thank You!  I don't blog for myself, I blog to inspire other women to love and be confident about themselves.  Your letter just let me know that I'm doing my job and I truly appreciate your support.  Also I would love for you to share your Big Chop/TWA story with us, those are my fav.  Just make sure you take that step when your ready!  Stay Blessed....KKQ :-)

And to all of my readers, subscribers, followers and supporters....

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