Video: Melanie Fiona Shares Her Hair Routine w/ Mr. Amaru

12:40 PM

If your unable to watch the video, I've included the transcript....
MRA: What advice could you give women on hair care tips? Because a lot of people say "Oh, Melanie's hair is nice", but your traveling all the time. So what products do you use and how do you keep your hair....
MF: Yeah hair care is very, very important! I actually had to cut off like 2 1/2 inches from my hair just because the wear and tear of it, traveling, people doing your hair, heat going on it. More so now then ever, the big thing that I have to do is I really try to deep condition ever time I wash my hair now. There's a really great one that I started using by Sebastian (I believe it's called Sebastian) called Penetraitt, just 2 or 3 minutes in the shower, you leave it in and rinse it out. And then I started using Kerastase, there's a thermal nectar treatment that you can put in like a leave in treatment, I swear by it! I use Moroccan and anything that's really going to keep the hair nourished, is really important. And when you put heat on your hair, as much as I do...unlike today. Today I didn't do anything, just washed it and left it. I try to avoid heat whenever I can, but anything that's nourishing. Kerastase products are amazing! They make a really great deep conditioning masque. Another one that's really good is L'Oreal Absolut Repair, it's a really really good deep conditioner treatment.

The Kerastase Nectar Thermique can be found at and L'Oreal Absolut Repair Masque can be purchased at
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