#Follow Friday TwitPic Style!!

7:44 PM

I decided to do my mentions for "Follow Friday" a bit different this week.  Instead of just listing a bunch of names, I'd rather give you some cool pics to make you hit that button a little bit faster..lol!  Check out my tweeps showing off their natural hair!!

TSM09 "Twist Out"


Dajewel "With Giovanni natural mousse air turbo charged. Did quick two strand twists, then then two strand twisted the twist and then bantu knotted.  Unraveled, untwisted, separated and fluffed"


ShanDomHeart "Four day old twist out updo"

Zakiya Lynn "This pic is from Easter"

Joy Mignon "Banging Natural Style....LOL"




















KnottiByNature "Second Day Twist out"

SincereMami "My Natural Hair Pic"

 EMickey171 "Curly locs with earrings from @Blackonyx77 jewelry collection"



Xtremely Perfect "I call this epiphany in the bathroom...lol"

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