In Review: Mahogany Queen's Honey Coconut Shea

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Product Description:  "MQ's Honey Coconut Shea is the cure for dry brittle curls.  With moisturizing ingredients and natural SPF, it can be used in both winter and summer weather.  Great for styling, moisturizing, reducing frizz and enhancing shine with 100% natural ingredients.  Apply liberally to wet hair after a shampoo or co-wash.  A little bit can really go a long way." 

Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream, Honey, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil. Ex Virgin Olive Oil and Essential Oil Fragrance

Cost: 8oz jar for $10.00 @

My Thoughts:  I was contacted by Ashley, the Mahogany Queen creator, and informed that she was in the beginning stages of her hair care business and asked if I would review her product.  Of course I said yes!!  When the sample arrived the first thing I noticed was the consistency.  For some reason I was expecting more of a butter texture.  Instead it was more like a grease.  The next thing I noticed was the scent, it has a very light sweet, citrus scent with a touch of honey.  It smelled so good I quickly dabbed some in my 3 day old braid out to see what it could do and i didn't like it.  It made my hair very oily and every time I touched my hair I had to wash my hands afterwards.  I was disappointed but I decided to give it another and see how it performed on my wet hair.  I co-washed with Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Conditioner and fingercombed under running water. 

Once out of the shower I applied a small amount of MQHCS to my hair and then sectioned my hair off for a set of 2 strand twists.  To each section I applied a small amount of OyinHandmade Honey Hemp Conditioner as a leave in and Aubrey Organics Moisturizing Jelly for hold, ran my Denman through to smooth the products through and began to twist.  Before reaching the ends of the twits I applied a little more MQHCS to my hair for extra shine and moisture.

Being lazy I left the twists in for 2 days before unraveling.  To take them down I slicked my fingers with a little MQHCS to minimize frizz and here are the results...

And after 2 days of constant hand in hair, the sleek and tamed twist out got bigger....

...but I love the bigness.  My final thought is that I really like this product, but it definitely cannot be used on my dry hair.  I also think it would be great to moistuurize the scalp with.  have you tried this product, if so how did you like it? 

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