The Curls Are Back....

12:23 PM

And they actually look better than before.  As you already know I recently flat ironed my hair and gave myself a much needed trim, I took off about an inch or less throughout my hair.  I also did some search and destroying on my ends to get rid of any single strand knots, which I had a lot of especially in the back.  I washed my hair on Saturday, after wearing my hair straight for only a week, and my ends look and feel so much better than before.  no more knots and no more snagging the Denman when I detangle...Thank God! 

I actually recorded the process of me shampooing and conditioning for you all to see how quickly my hair reverted back.  However, the video needs some serious editing, which probably will not get done until next week...I hate editing vids.  And I think I have a few clips of me actually flat ironing my hair as well, so I'll probably put it all together in one video.  In the meantime here's a couple pics of this week's braid out....

Bonus Pic { this was taken a week before I straighten my hair}


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1 People Obsessing!

  1. I have just found your blog, and I know this is a really old entry but I just had to say WOW!! You and your hair are truly beautiful. And that last photo (bonus pic) is breathtaking! I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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