My Adventures With Straight Hair....

12:20 PM

I've been wearing my locks straight for a full week now and I miss my kinks terribly.  Don't get me wrong the straight hair is a nice switch up from my regular look, but I think I forgot just how high maintenance straight hair can be.  Trying to maintain a sleek look with the rain, wind and slight humidity is a full time job LOL!  I never really worry about those kinds of things when I'm rocking my natural, and for the most part those things only enhance my natural texture.  But with all that being said I still managed to snap a couple pics for you guys...Enjoy ♥

{ Faking a bob by pinning the ends under }

{ Straight down with a middle part.  in the second pic you can see the roots fighting! }

{ Simple ponytail...I'm not even gonna lie, I was swinging this pony like nobody's!! }

{ Bun with a headband...this style didn't last too long, that headband gave me a major headache }

{ Two big flat twists and mini buns }

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