Texture Tweets With Anthony Dickey

10:51 AM

If your asking yourself " Who the heck is Anthony Dickey" let me fill you in.  Anthony is an author, curly/kinky/wavy hair guru and celebrity stylist to hair idols like, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama and Kelis.  And on top of all that he is the creator of the Hair Rules hair care line.  Saturday afternoon he took to his Twitter page to answer a few hair questions and here are some of the responses that caught my eye...

"Women across the board have issues with their hair"

"Shampoos were originally developed for women with straight hair who wanted volume"

"If you have natural hair you should run to water - not away from it!"

"Kinky and curly textured hair is drier and tangles more, but it grows just like any other texture"

"The idea is to treat your hair like a cashmere sweater and care for it that way"

"The rule of thumb with wash and wear hair is to rinse & condition about every 3 days. For twist outs not later than 7 days"

When asked " what products do you recommend for hair growth "? He answered "No such thing, a haircut and not drying out the hair helps hair grow".

And here's a little something for all the product junkies out there ♥

 Have you tried Hair Rules products??  If so, what did you try and how did you like it.

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