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Taking full advantage of having natural hair I straightened my hair.  Not just for the heck of it though, I really needed this!!  I started seeing knots and splits all over my ends and they were just looking a hot mess...They had to go!!  In the end I trimmed about an inch all over.  I don't have any length goals so losing an inch is not a big deal to me.  I plan on being natural for the rest of my life and as long as i keep it healthy and strong it will grow.
Now on to the flat ironing process....
I deep conditioned my hair for 30-45 minutes under a soft bonnet dryer and shampooed with De Fabulous Ginger Shampoo (sulfate free).  Next I sectioned my hair into 2 parts and genourously sprayed each section down with water and Lottabody Setting Lotion.  Smoothed on Goldwell's Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid and began braiding 5 braids on each side.  And back under the bonnet dryer I went.
Once 80-85% dry I unraveled one braid at a time, sprayed on Beyond The Zone's "Turn Up The Heat" heat protectant and blow dried on low/cool heat with a wide toothed attachment.
With my Maxi Glide set on 2 ( second lowest heat setting) let the flat ironing begin.  When flat ironing your hair make sure you do so in very small sections.  Doing this gets the hair straighter quicker and prevents you from having to run the flat iron down your hair more than twice.  Next I sprayed each small section of hair with at least two pumps of heat protectant before flat ironing.  Then I "glided" the Maxi Glide down once, letting the teeth on the bottom blade gently detangle my hair.  And then I glide again this time with the steam burst, to give a little extra moisture and shine to my hair.  I like to trim as I go, so after each small section was flat ironed I snipped those ends.  Then I gathered the hair into big pin curls, to give a slight bump to the ends as if I curled them. Here's the end result on day 2....To see day 1 click here!

Bonus Pic ♥

**When I asked my niece if she liked my hair she said "NOPE"!!

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