Hair Diary: Sasha-Shae

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When and why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I missed it.  When I relaxed my hair it was really a run of the mill, jump in to explore thing.  Then I realized it really wasn't for me, so I decided to go back to what I knew.  I know that being natural is a journey and a learning process.  It took me forever to accept and learn a lot about my hair, but everyday something new presents itself.  I listen now and realize this journey is so much easier when I just let my hair tell me what it needs, instead of forcing things upon it.  I took a few pitfalls since my journey.  I went natural on June 27, 2007 and since then my hair has seen the scissors many times, because I would suffer a setback.  It took a long time to figure out what worked for my hair, but as I said, it's a learning process and I wouldn't trade being natural for anything else.  I love it and love the knowledge I gain each day.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision to go natural?

My mother was very supportive, she didn't want me relaxing in the first place, some of my friends were a little apprehensive, but others were excited.  Overal,l everyone has come to appreciate the journey.  When I came upon those who were not in favor of it, I took their words as stones I could use to step on to get closer to my goal.

What is your current hair routine?

Currently my hair routine is to wash on Fridays.  I try to pre-poo on Thursdays with EVOO and then on Friday evening.  I gently finger detangle, run my hair under water for about a minute or two, then apply a little conditioner and gently detangle with my Jilbere comb.  Then I usually add my shampoo and massage the scalp, add more conditioner over that, then rinse.  Apply a deep conditioner for about 45 mins, rinse with cold water and then moisturize (I like Happy Nappy Styles by Blended Beauty and I like Hamadi Shea Hair Creme) and style.

What are your hair goals and what steps are you taking to achieve them?

My hair goals is to have hair that isn't breaking, hair that is MBL and that is strong and overall "healthy" and beautiful.  In achieving these goals, I am making sure to protect my hair and moisturize and deep condition often.  I also try to wear styles that limit how much pulling and tugging goes on on my hair.

Some of Sasha's favorite products are...

Happy Nappy Styles, Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner, Shea Butter, Coconut oil and EVOO are among the top.  My least favorite has got to be Cantu Shea hair used to like it, but now it just rebels, and some gels aren't my friend at all.

How do you define "Good Hair"?

Good hair is hair that is beautiful.  If your hair is healthy (and I use this term lightly seeing that hair in any case is dead, lol) and it isn't breaking, isn't a tangled web, isn't severely lacking moisture, or is not plain damaged then it's good hair in my book.  If your hair on the contrary is breaking, splitting, falling off, looking fried and dyed, then honey it's no where close to being good.  Good hair to me isn't the grade of hair (texture), it's the shade of it's beauty (it's health).

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