Dark & Lovely Tries To Pimp Out Shea Butter!

12:59 PM

Oh No They Didn't !!!!  Gurl Yes They Did...

While getting my daily fix of bad reality television (yes I'm addicted..lol) on BET a Dark & Lovely commercial pops up on my screen.  Now I've seen this commercial many times before but, for some reason this time enough was enough.  Are you really trying to convince me that relaxing my hair with a relaxer that has shea butter in it is any better than using a relaxer without it?!?  I'm no hair expert but, Im not a total idiot either.  Chris Rock's "Good Hair" documentary (which I still haven't seen btw...and don't plan on it) shows what the chemicals in a relaxer can do to a soda can, I don't think adding shea butter will make much of a difference.

I tweeted my opinions on Twitter last night ....

@KinkyKurlyQueen Shea Butter in relaxers...Im struggling to find the point in that 

Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt this way...Here's some of the feedback I got from my followers...

like putting vitamins in crack, LMBO -@SmrtNBuetiful

They are trying to make perms more "natural" by adding shea butter... lol... -@Blackposimage

I asked myself the same thing when I saw the cmrl. I think its their way to combat the fallback from #naturalhair -@GoogleMeBabe

It boosts the moisture making hair soft, shiny and supple (insert picture of hair strand with the shea butter soaking in) -@Talisa3636

Do you really want the "white girl flow"? i would rather have the "natural shake" myself! LOL -@napturalroots

Im thinking that shea butter don't cancel out that chemical....SMDH -@Sosigmasexy

That shea butter relaxer is the biggest joke I've EVER seen on a relaxer box. These companies really need to be ashamed -@OnMyJourn3y

I don't understand y these hair companies think putting shea butter in a chemical that can burn through skin is gonna help anything -@NaturalDiva09

I think its a set up -@ItsRaeRae

I can't stand these companies putting SHEA BUTTER on their product to make it sound good... It's advertising fraud I swear! -@BelleBells

Your Thoughts ??

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