Obsessed Mail: Overbearing Mother...What To Do?

2:03 PM

A Naturally Obsessed reader asks...

Q: I've been trying hard to convince my mom to let me go natural but, every time I bring it up she says NO!!!  What should I do?

In my opinion, I would be trying to figure out why she's saying no.  Why is she so opposed to something that your obviously very interested in?  In my mind I'm trying to come up different reasons why she would say no but, maybe she's not comfortable with her natural self enough to let you explore that side for yourself.  It's a very selfish way to be but, it happens often with some parents.  She may have her own close minded perception of beauty but, that shouldn't stop you from bringing up the issue.  Invite her to sit with you and show her the blogs and different sites, like YouTube and Fotki, where women celebrate their natural hair.  I know parents can be stubborn and set in their ways sometimes but, be patient and hopefully she'll come around.  And if not wait until your grown (Grown :Having your own place, Paying your own bills, Not being dependent on your parents)  and go for it !!!  I hope this helps you.  KKQ :-)

How would you approach the situation?

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