Teeny Weeny Twists Week #2

2:55 PM

Although Monday October 26th started week #3, I thought I'd show you guys a few pictures of my hair from last week (week #2).  The first two pictures were taken after I moisturized my ends with some Shea Butter.  I don't put too much on because it can start to feel greasy.  I apply just enough Shea Butter to keep my ends soft and frizz free.  Any residue left on my hands I just run it through the length of my hair.  Shea Butter gives my hair great shine and keep my hair moisturized for days.

Next is just a few flicks of how I wore my hair throughout week.  Nothing special...

Note:I have not wash my twists, and I don't plan on washing them, which is why they have they have been able to last this long.  I already know the minute I submerge my twists in water I might as well be prepared to take them out...lol.  And I not ready for all that yet.  I sure I'll be able to get 2 more weeks out of these bad boys.

Pictures from this week (week #3) will be posted next week ;-)

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  1. I have experimented and experimented with mini twist with varying degrees of dissatisfaction. I however, have not ceased to stop trying convinced that I just have to refine my techniques. I am glad to say that I just snagged another one, not washing them. Reading your blog has just helped me deduce that washing the source of major tangles for me! Thanks!

    One question.... do your roots come undone? My do something terrible! How do you handle that? I think I am going to try braiding slightly before I twist?


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