All Twisted Up...

3:50 PM

After weeks of feeling a little overwhelmed by my hair and out of just pure laziness, I decided to throw my hair in a protective style.  I didn't want to braid it because it seems like I always have my hair in braids and that can be quite boring.  Buns are a waste of time for me, my hair is so thick that they always leave me with a throbbing headache.  Large twists are cool but, I usually end up messing them up by touching them so much.  So after much debate, I blew out my hair, using Frizz Ease Straight Answer and BB Oil Moisturizer on the ends, and just started twisting with no real thought of the outcome. 

The more and more I twisted the better it started to look , so I kept going.  Very small amounts of Raw Shea Butter was used on each twist to keep the hair smooth and here's the final result...

Smooth and shiny twists.  Everyone keeps asking me how long will I keep them in?  I honestly don't know.  I don't think they'll hold up as long as my braids do, which is about 4+ weeks.  But if I can get at least 3 weeks I'll be fine with that.

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. Do you have a video on how to do these? I love this style and the twists are so tiny.

  2. Love the twist those are so nice!!


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