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Re-post: Going through my archives I came across this post I did a couple months ago and wanted to share it with you guys again...Enjoy :-)

I went back and watched a few more clips of the "Good Hair" episode of The Tyra Banks show and got upset all over again.  The children on the show had such a strong dislike for who they really are and it's all because of the parents.  If you constantly tell a child that spinach is disgusting , then before they even try it they'll hate it just because mommy hates it.  Same thing goes when you tell a child that her hair is too hard to handle or why can't your hair be like this and not be like that.  Your feeding that negativity straight to her.  Think before you speak when talking to a child ,because they are always listening even when it seems like they are not.  When I do my niece's hair they are no tears and I think she actually likes getting her hair done.  And when I'm done I turn her head from side to side and say, in a goofy kid voice, "Awww Pretty" over and over again.  I know it's silly right but she loves it.  And when I do my hair she comes and does the same thing to me.

All the things that makes us who we are begins in the home.  The way we carry ourselves and the level of self esteem we have comes from having a great support system behind us.  People who love you for being you no matter what hair type you have.  Below are a couple of clips and links of mothers taking the time to learn how to care for their children's hair.  And teaching their children along the way.

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