Celebs and Their TwitPics

5:34 PM

Stars are just like us.  When they're feeling good about themselves or just plain bored, they like have they're own personal photo sessions.  Lucky for us they Twitpic they're photos so we can see them too.

Russell & Kimora's youngest daughter Aoki Lee on vacation 

Former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard

"rockin my nefertiti look.. i love a good natural do...headed to the studio"

Actress (Half & Half, Half Baked, The Craft) Rachel True

" Do I really always look this suspicious, or suspect?! "

Actress (House of Payne) & Model Denyce Lawton

"I did my proof pic b4 @Oprah did LOL! Its ALL My hair! I DIDN'T CUT it, when u C it short, its a wig, when its LONG, ITS ALL MINE! "

Singer Solange Knowles looking gorgeous at age 16

" 16 year old bald headed guhl. "

 Amanda Diva being silly

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