I got bit by the Twitter bug...YIKES !

12:47 AM


 Its pretty obvious by the title ... Im On Twitter !!!!! http://twitter.com/KinkyKurlyQueen

After hearing soooo much about it I thought I'd join just to see what all the fuss is about.  So far so good.  As of right now I'm just testing the waters with Twittter. Still tryna figure out what's so great about it.  And I'm starting to feel like I spend way to much time in "cyberspace" as it is. 

Every time I step away something pulls me right back in .. lol.

So do you Twitter?

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. There is no way I'm starting a twitter account I'm already on the net too much as it is(it's now 2 a.m.) lol

  2. i love your blog so much i keep up with you on my google reader (thats my twitter, lol)---you've helped me to love my hair much more by taking better care of it---plus i've shared your site with many other sistah friendz who have natural hair---now, twitter?---hmm, no can do--its enough tryn' to keep my blogsite updated--LOL---have fun!!!!

  3. I'm soooo fighting becoming a Twitter bug! I'm already in cyberspace too much myself. But ya neva know. I say I'm done but I keep adding things to my plate. LOL.


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