WC : What is Co-Washing?

2:31 PM

In a nutshell co-washing is basically washing your hair with conditioner.  Plain and simple.  The same steps that you take to wash your hair with shampoo, flip it and do the same steps with your conditioner.  Co-washing is one of the best things you can do for your natural hair.  Heck this method works for all hair types.  It allows you to mildly clean your hair without stripping your hair like shampoo would do.  In my experience, co-washing my hair once sometimes twice a week as greatly improved the health and overall look and feel of my hair.  When I first did my BC my hair was very dry and it had a ton of frizz.  And silly me I thought that was how natural hair was supposed to look.  It wasn't until I started doing regular co-washes and decreasing the amount of times I shampooed my hair to only once a month, that my hair began to really accept moisture instead of fighting it.
My Co-Washing Instructions (for those asked for it) :

  • Section the hair in 4 sections (If I'm being lazy I'll just do two big sections...lol)
  • Thoroughly rinse the hair (I usually just stand directly under the shower head as I brush my teeth...Multitasking)
  • Once the hair is soaking wet, quickly and gently finger-comb the hair under running water....One section at a time
  • Turn of the water ...No need to waste uneccesary water
  • Apply conditioner to each section ...Working it through your hair as you would shampoo
  • De-tangle with your denman or wide-toothed comb or just your fingers
  • Rinse
  • All done ...Don't forget to wash your other parts ...HaHa...KKQ made a jokey joke :-)

Below is video of how I co-washed my hair while in braids.  The great thing about when my hair is in braids I can skip the whole de-tangle and section part.  Enjoy :-)

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. Thanks so much showing me the video---i'm going to start co-washing more often---maybe that will help get rid of the dull look of my hair i get from time to time----thanks for all you do to keep this ole' sistahz hair in check-----remain blessed!

  2. LOL@ "KKQ made a jokey joke :-)"
    You crazy!

    Hey, I love your blog! I just keep forgetting to check it! lol! You've got some great stuff on here!


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