The Twists Are Back....

5:43 PM

 ....just slightly bigger!

Last week after washing my kinks back to life, I decided to twist my hair back up. It wasn't my first choice though. I had planned to do small braids, but once I started braiding I got tired immediately. Then I tried to do some small twists, but after a few rows I ended up taking those down as well. Frustrated and after many hours wasted I decided to do medium sized twists instead.

Now whenever I do small braids or twists, I always do so on blow dried hair. This time I let my hair air dry in about 5 big braids that had been generously slathered with Grape Seed Oil the night before. Then once fully dried the next morning I unraveled each one and stretched the roots with my blow dryer on low heat.This my hair before and after stretching the roots...

                                                                   Unstretched - Stretched

Once I decided to do medium sized twists I grabbed some Curl Clouds (by SafiHairCare) and began twisting. It took me from 4pm to maybe 12-1 o'clock in the morning to finish. That may seem like a long time to ya'll, but I'm a slow twister/braider lol! It usually takes me between 3 to 5 days to do my micro twists! This is what they looked like halfway finished...

Here's the completed look...

To maintain them I've been oiling and massaging my scalp with a mix of Castor and Grape Seed Oil and spraying my hair down with water every morning. The twists were completed on Friday and throughout the weekend they began to shrink. By Monday this is what they looked like...

The shrinkage made them more plump and uniformed, which I loved! Mid week I re twisted a couple in the front to keep them fresh looking. And here's what they looked this morning after spraying them down with water and oiling the scalp....

It's like the older they get the better they look to me lol! I'll be keeping these in until next week....maybe longer :)

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16 People Obsessing!

  1. Your hair always look good! Question, do you use any special formation/technique to keep the parts from being visible?

  2. I have a question too. Do you wash them during the week? I go to the gym at least 3x's per week and sweat!

  3. honestly i don't know how you do it. Your hair is always looking so full and just beautiful. I have to admit I have quite a bit of hair envy looking at your gorgeous hair. I've been completely natural since december and I cry at my lack of fullness. I really don't understand why because people say I have a lot of hair, but it just doesn't feel full to me especially when I do twists and twist outs. I think it might be the seperating of the hair. I don't know, but I do know that you have the best twists ever, mini and medium!

  4. i love the medium twists. very pertty.

  5. @Molovefive9 Thank you :) I really don't use any special formation when parting my hair, but I do part on a slant...if that makes sense.

  6. I remain a fan of your hair. You are the best at twisting your hair!! Beautiful (small or medium)...

  7. very nice. Love the shrinkage too.. your twits are always on POINT!

  8. gawgus!

    I tried doing mini twists on my hair last night. I started with my hair line and realized (again) that I have thin edges...smh.. settled for a twists n curl.

    Until I can figure out how to grow my edges in, I'll sit on the sidelines and look at yours! =)

  9. You did a great job!! Your twists always look soooo good!

  10. Love, love, love the twists!

  11. The twists are banging as usual! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi, I know I'm a little late but to the girl who said she couldn't do the two-strands cos of her edges: My edges have always been kind of thin and the way I do it is a) wet my hair so it'll fuzz up on the edges to make it less noticeable; b) make the edge twists smaller or bigger (whatever looks right) and/or pin them back to camouflage.

    :) Experiment, see what works for you!

  13. @kinkykurlqueen ur hair is great! im actually transitioning and it is kind of difficult for me do you have any tips?


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