Video: Actress & Model Tomiko Fraser-Hines Does The Big Chop!

12:26 PM

Find out why and how after the jump!

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6 People Obsessing!

  1. Oh I am sooo excited you did a piece on Tomiko, she was my inspiration for going natural and I'm sure she will inspire more after her BIG CHOP. She is so gorgeous and you would never know she's in her 40s!!!

  2. I've always thought she was so beautiful! Her hair looks great!

  3. I saw this video the other day! I thought the young lady looked familiar. Had no idea she was a model - and looks gorgeous with her new "do"!!

  4. Yes, I remembered her over the years--beautiful although some of her old pics (which I'm viewing now on YouTube, she was natural at one time (with more hair) but I guess she must have relaxed somewhere along the way but WELCOME BACK HOME! ;-)

  5. I need to remember this video when people act like I'm some kind of freak because I look so young for my age, lol. I had no idea Tomiko was only a few years younger than me. One more time: GOOD BLACK DON'T CRACK! lol

    And yeah, she's been natural for a while now; it's possible she just decided to cut her hair short.

  6. She actually looks older in the first photo than she does in the video with her natural hair. She's beautiful. Natural hair rocks!


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