Wash & Go Fail....Turned Into A TwistOut

5:09 PM

For a while now I've been craving a wash and go, my usual styles are braidouts/twistouts  and I've been missing my tight coils. So Friday afternoon I gave it a go. I co-washed with Hair Rules Quench condish...I've been obsessed with this stuff lately lol! To style my hair I decided to try out the CHS (curly hair solutions) Extenzz styling cream, which I have reviewed in the past, with the CHS Slip as a leave in. The Slip felt good going on but when I put the Extenzz on top of it things began to go left. It kinda just sat on top of my hair and did nothing! My hair just kept growing in size as if I had nothing on it at all! The first time I tried Extenzz, my hair came out great. It didn't eliminate my shrinkage like the label claimed, but my hair had hold and it felt moisturized. Not this time though :( Was it the Slip leave in or was my first trial with Extenzz just a fluke.....I'm so not sure. You can watch my 1st Extenzz review HERE!

In an effort to not have to jump in the shower and wash my hair all over again, I decided to throw in some big chunky twists....12 in all. I sat under my soft bonnet dryer for a little bit while fooling with the internet, then I threw my scarf on and allowed it to dry overnight.

 Wet twists...

Twistout the next day...

Not a ton of definition but it was a much better look than the tragic wash and go that could have been lol! At night I spritzed with a little water and re-twisted, here's what it looked like on day 2...

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  1. As I sit here reading this post I'm attempting to do a wash n go. It's funny because I've been natural since 09, yet I can never "master" the art of the wash n go... better yet, the art of not touching my hair while it dries. Every time I try to do this style I usually scrap it and throw in some twists. Hoping for the best this time!


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