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About me...I'm an introvert with a hearty laugh, I enjoy flats because it is likely I will fall over in heels, and anything related to cupcakes has my full attention. My name is Donica (pronounced Dawn-ee-ka), and I'm just months away from my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology: Art Therapy (whoot!). It was destiny arriving on a path as a helping professional where I get to include art, yoga, the law of attraction, play, and discussions of social constructs. Perfect!

Where do you live? How is the natural hair community there?
I live in Denver, CO. My community is my roommate! I'm sadly not connected which is why I began finding curlies online. When I do run into another, it is nothing but love and compliments.

When and why did you decide to go natural?
My mother always kept my hair in braids, so I finally asked for a relaxer in 8th grade to get away from that. In 2003 when I left for college, I could no longer afford the upkeep. I let my hair grow out and met my natural texture for the first time - then quickly hid it in a tight ponytail! Not until 2006 did I start to become curious about my hair.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? If so, how were you able to move forward?
My family made jokes about how birds-nesty my hair looked, but no one questioned it. The people I dated in undergrad had a problem with it, so I wore my hair straight often. *sigh* I wish I would have realized sooner those people were not worth dating.

Describe your hair routine.
I was a loyal user of Mixed Chicks, but now that my hair is longer, the product weighs it down. My philosophy is the taller, the bigger ....the better.

1. Wash with tiny amount of Organix Shampoo
2. Detangle with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
3. Condition with "Yes to Carrots" and Olive Oil. Sometimes I'll let it sit.
4. Apply Jane Carter Solutions: Leave in Conditioner and Condition & Sculpt
5. Diffuse.
6. Fluff with Cantu Shea Butter and coconut oil. Continue daily after morning shower.
7. Wear in a high ponytail, unless fancy outing calls for a wild child.

Some of my fav products are...Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo and Coconut Oil. My hair always smells like lemon coconut cookies with this combo.

Do you have any hair goals? If so, what steps are you taking to achieve them?
I REALLY love short hair and can't wait to chop this all off! Until then, I do have a hair goal of "get as long as possible!" I am interested in having a Greco-Roman themed wedding, and I see women in this mythological time having incredibly long chocolate curls. I have to remind myself to wear a bonnet when I sleep, and in the summer I need to condition my hair before hopping in the pool. I never wear the bonnet though, so I try to at least pineapple it.

How has being natural changed you?
It continues to bring out the Leo in me. I am terribly shy, and my hair is a gentle reminder that I've got some prowess and edge to me.... a little bit of free spiritedness.

My top 5 obsessions are...
1. My planner. color coded, post-it noted, write everything in it planner.
2. Sharpie Pens and permanent makers that do not bleed through paper. ugh.
3. Groceries: planning, budgeting, buying & putting them away. I'm pretty obsessed with food.
4. Learning about Relationships - especially the psychology of love and sexual attraction
5. Vampire Diaries. - I can't help it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to thank all the Curlies who are documenting their process and sharing the inspiration! Not only is it helpful for me, but it's something I use as a therapist with black women clients exploring their identity. The community helps me give resources and offer tips!

My roommate deserves a shout out because she is actually the one who does all the curly research to relay to me. (@only1misstiff).

I do not document my natural hair, but I do share my art therapy journey! If you are interested in art, therapy, manifestation, yoga, love, silliness, and the Universe from the perspective of a fellow curly... please come find me! It would be a pleasure to meet you. Namaste!

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  1. Wow! I follow Donica on Twitter and it's so nice to see this side of her. Pretty young lady and seems to have a great/fun personality! Great feature, thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. @KeetaRay I followed her Twitter and instantly was like...hmmmm I want her on my blog lol! Lovely hair and personality.

  3. She seems like such a joy to talk to! Her hair is gorgeous and she so talented. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for a spot in your place of heaven! Looking forward to all that you offer :)

  5. Yur gorgeous girlfriend! Curly hair becomes u much more!

  6. Her hair is amazing. it's so beautiful

  7. wowwwww your hair is beautifulllll


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