Look What I Got.....

5:13 PM

It arrived over the weekend, it is currently soaking my kinks with it's goodness. So far it went on smoothly and I was surprised that the 3 cubes were enough for all of my hair. Below you'll find a pic of my hair covered in the condish....a full review should be posted tomorrow.

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7 People Obsessing!

  1. did you order yours directly from anitagrant.com because i did and have yet to see my stuff arrive in my mailbox :(

  2. Oooh nice! Can't wait to see your results.

  3. @Sarah This was sent to me for review and it directly from AnitaGrant.com. It took a while to get to me. In the futute you can order form AG products from www.hairrogant.com

  4. I can't wait to see your results too. AG rhassoul deep condish is on the top of my list.

  5. I so want to try rhassoul clay one of these days :(

    Waiting for results :D

  6. I use this deep conditioner at least once a month and its my favorite.

  7. Is it hard to wash out? It looks like the mud mask that I purchased from Butter and Bars and that stuff took me forever to wash out.



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