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While looking over the new chosen vloggers on, I came across this article. I have dealt with acne since I was a teen so I know how frustrating this issue can be...especially as an adult! Currently muy skin is under control, but who knows how long that will last lol! This article breaks down how the things we use in our hair to make it all pretty and nice can actually be triggering some of those breakouts.

Want beautiful hair and blemish-free skin? Then you need to become a detective—actually a cosmetic ingredient detective.

The truth is that some ingredients may cause problems for you and not for other people. At the end of this article, we've included a list of ingredients that have been shown to cause acne. Or you can purchase a book on cosmetic ingredients for future research.

Try to Keep it Simple

If you have acne, do not use products that add any oil to your skin or hair. Ingredients labels don’t underline the acne-causing ingredients. When looking at products and acne treatments, always look for “non-acne” or “non-comedogenic.” Not oil-free, because it may still contain ingredients that cause breakouts. Stay away from isopropyl myristate, oils, and silicone, petrolatum, PVP, CVP and copolymer ingredients. Also sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are ingredients to avoid.

Wash and condition your hair before you wash the rest of your body. Do this to wash off any residue that hair products may leave on your skin. (Just think how hard it is to get grease off of dishes, you normally need to wash it several times to be grease-free.) It’s the same with hair products—they will leave a residue that can cause breakouts IF YOU ARE PRONE TO ACNE. Really clean the skin well to rid it of any product residue.

To prevent pimples, consider a few changes to your hair routine:

1.Style your hair before you apply your makeup. Wash hands thoroughly to remove all hair products before you touch your skin. Some of these products really stick and you will need to wash your hands twice.

2.Cover your face before you use hair spray. Check out beauty supply stores for a plastic face shield you can cover your face with before spraying hair spray.

3.Do not touch your hair and then your face as you will transfer hair product to your skin.

4.Try to keep your hair away from your face. Choose a hairstyle to minimize contact with your forehead or cheek area.

5.At bedtime, cover your hair if you have product in it that is prone to causing breakouts. Avoid tight head covering as this will only make you sweat and cause breakouts on your scalp.

6.Wash your hair before you go to bed to remove hair product that causes acne.

7.Pull hair away from your face when you sleep—try a ponytail or bun.

8.Trade out your pillowcase frequently; avoid sleeping on dirty pillowcases.

9.Exercise without wearing foundation and use a headband to keep sweat from running down your face. Always wash your face immediately after exercising.

10.Do avoid getting hair products directly on the skin. If you do, rinse your skin well.

To read the full article click HERE! There you'll also find a list of common hair product ingredients that are known to cause acne.


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  1. Thanks soo much for sharing this. I've always had acne-prone skin as well and my skin definitely started rebelling more when I went natural. It's much better now though since I've changed some habits and these tips are really helpful. It sucks because I love to have my hair in my face :-/

  2. Yes! This is EXACTLY what I needed!

  3. I'm glad you guys found this helpful :)

  4. Hi there!
    I'm a professional lurker on your site and never really felt the need to comment.
    Please, please, please, if you are having skin issues, visit I do not work for them in any capacity, but this website has LITERALLY saved my skin! I mean, I have tried everything from oil cleansing to proactive to bare minerals...clearasil, terminator 10, free and clear...blah, blah, blah.
    I will never use another thing again! I used to just want my skin to be smooth enough to cover my scars with, i don't need to wear make up at all because the scarring is gone and the skin is smooth!


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