Obsessive Links: Fab Natural Rachel Chops Her Hair....Again!!

6:49 PM

Rachel Stewart has bc'ed yet again!! Find out why and how by visiting her blog Target Queen! Also take a look at my interview with Rachel back in Aug 2009 ---> HERE!

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6 People Obsessing!

  1. Love Rachel and loving the new do

  2. LET'S SEE...WE B/C WHEN GETTING RID OF THE RELAXER...I know the answer is "because I can" but WHY?!

  3. Why do you shave your hair every 2 year??
    Your natural hair is beautiful!!!!!!

  4. what is your routine for taking care of your hair?

  5. thanks for the post!
    This is Rachel..
    I cut my hair because I like this style as well as my afro, I also liked my locs and all the styles ive had over the years...
    after being natural for over 20 years ive learned ONE thing..it grows back!
    I love changing my look..long hair isnt the only option for me.

    my routine was NO shampoo, I only used condition washes, I used the same conditioner as a leave in, I had ONE hair product and that was my conditioner.
    I never did protective styles, I liked to wear my hair out and big everyday.
    thats it, Im very low maintenance with my hair and my life...keep it simple : )

  6. Thanks for stopping by Rachel and responding to reader questions :)


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