Tried Something New... And I Like It!!

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In my Hair Update that was posted yesterday, I told you guys that I rinsed and rodded the ends of my twists.  This style isn't completely new, it reminds me a lot of Curly Nikki's TnC, but just a little bit different.  When I've done the TnC in the past I've always done it on fresh twists that were twisted for the sole purpose of wearing a TNC.  While watching one of KimmayTube's latest video she gave me the idea of rodding the ends of not so fresh rinsed twists.  I rinsed with no manipulation, just let the water run through and soak my hair.  Once out of the shower I sprayed Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer generously throughout and smoothed in some Bee Mine Hair Milk.  I began rolling my hair on the rods, a little tighter in the front to create a short bang and looser in the back.  I sat under  a soft bonnet dryer for about 45-50 minutes and let my hair air dry for the rest of the day and overnight.

In the morning I unrolled and unraveled my twists and viola!  Soft springy curls!!  What I love of about starting with older twist is that my hair had more definition, tons of bounce and body and I didn't have to worry about fluffing, which can create unnecessary frizz if overdone.  I finished the look with some Vatika Oil for shine.  This is another look that can be rocked many different ways and many different social settings.  And if it's really hot out make sure to use products that have hold to make the style last longer. 

In celebration of this look I had a little fun with the camera...enjoy :-)

The next morning the curls were a little flat so I pulled them up into a pony...

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