Hair Diary: Alex of Safi Hair Care!

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Hey guys! Meet friend in my head , Alex of The "Good" Hair Blog and Safi Hair Care creator.  I was recently featured on her blog as well, read my story here!!

When and why did you decide to go natural?

This is my 3rd and final time going natural, as I ALWAYS say. I decided to STAY natural this time because I was truly ready to embrace my hair. I was over the coloring, the cuts, the perms and heat. I just could not do it anymore nor could I afford it. So I pushed myself to stick with my decision and I am proud to say I am in my TENTH month of being natural and I am NEVER going back to relaxers.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? 

Yes, everyone showed NOTHING but love. My best friend and my mom were influenced to go natural shortly after I BC'd.

What is your current hair routine?

My regimen is very simple, I co wash every 2-3 days and I wash with shampoo twice a month.  I coat my hair with Vatika Oil and leave in conditioner.  I have just started using Yes To Cucumbers in which I LOVE!!  After my hair is conditioned and oiled i detangle with a wide toothed comb and twist it up in medium sized twists.  In the morning I unravel and in the evenings I re-twist....Simple, right?

What are your hair goals?  What steps are you taking to achieve them?

I plan on continuing to grow healthy and strong hair.  I do want to achieve waist length hair one of these days, but I am in no rush.  The steps I have been taking to achieve my goals are simple, I learn and know my hair.

What new hair styles or techniques have you learned this year?

I have conquered the twist out and achieved my FIRST puff ball!!  I was so excited!  Many naturals tell me after 8 months you really start to see your growth and "bigness" they are so right.  I am loving my journey thus far.

What Is your definition of "good" hair?

I love this question.  My blog is called "the GOOD HAIR blog" (www.the and I get asked this question a lot.  To me good hair is healthy hair, nothing more or less!  I do not believe that "good" hair is a texture by any means, but that's just my opinion :-)

Curly girls have more fun because....

....because BIG hair is better!!

Be sure to check out Alex on YouTube and follow her on Twitter!!

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