Hair Diary: Marie S.

10:42 AM

When and why did you decide to go natural?

What really made decide to go natural was the damaging effects that relaxers had on my hair. I started getting relaxers at the age of 5 years old. My hair was very long but was not as thick as it could be. In my junior year of high school I would  wear my hair pressed throughout my whole transition. Natural hair to me seemed to be something different and would allow me to express my natural self!

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision?  If not, how were you able to move forward?

My mom and dad actually encouraged me to transition the most. My father always would ask me " Why you always puttin' those chemicals in your hair"? I never really took him seriously when he asked me that question. My mom walked me through the process because she was natural before I was. My friends did not notice the difference in my hair because it was always straight.

What is your current hair routine?

As of right now I co-wash my hair once a week with a cheapie conditioner then follow up with a deep conditioner. I shampoo about every 3 weeks when I feel that my hair is weighed down or just feels down right dirty lol. My favorite hairstyles are braid-outs and twist-outs. I do wash and gos once in a while when I don't have time to twist or braid my hair.

What are your hair goals?  What steps are you taking to achieve them?

My hair goal is to grow my hair as long as it can go. I have noticed the length that have gained since I have been natural. My friends also recognize the growth that I have achieved this past week. I know that the only way that my hair is going to grow is by taking care of it. I try not to pull my hair hair back as much and to moisturize. Watch Youtube videos and reading haircare forums have really helped me to understand what my hair needs.

What are your favorite hair products?

Pantene Pro-V relaxed and Natural Deep Conditioning Mask / ORS Replenishing Pack / TIGI Moisture Maniac Conditioner / Coconut Oil / Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Leave In / Eco-Styler Gel

What is your definition of Good Hair?

Good Hair is healthy hair no matter if it is curly, coily, nappy, or has the texture of a brillo pad lol.

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