Obsessed Mail: Bee Mine Growth Serum??

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SS: Hey!  My name is Shelley and I thought I'd let you know that your website and hair are truly an inspiration.  I look at your site daily for updates and hope that you will be updating it soon :-)  I have two questions to ask; I know your a fan of Bee Mine Products, especially the Curly Butter.  You never gave us an update on how you like the Strawberry Kiwi Growth Serum and with continued use if you noticed any growth.  Are you still using it?  Anymore reviews on it?  My second question is, how much time a week do you spend doing your hair?  My hair is almost as long as yours.  I love your hair and Im a product junkie, but sometimes....I get discouraged and don't feel like doing it.  That's when I come to your site for motivation.  Thanks! -Shelley S.

KKQ:  First off thanks for the reminder because I totally forgot to review this product.  I've never been into growth aides, but last year back in November or December Tracey from bee Mine approached me about trying her brand.  She let me pick out the products that I wanted to try as well as the ones she recommended.  The Growth Serum was one of those recommendations.  When I finally got it home I couldn't figure out how to fit it into my hair routine.  It wasn't until I did my first set of tiny twist that I began to really test it out.  The smell is great just like all the other Bee Mine products and the ingredients were pretty simlple....100% Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sulfur Powder, Essential Oils and Fragrance.  I began applying it to my scalp every other day and massaging it in.  The first couple days I used it everything was fine, but after a while my scalp became really dry.  I'm pretty sure it was the sulfur, it may have to strong for my scalp.  After a few more tries me and the serum were over.  My testing of the serum was very brief, a little less than two weeks to be exact.  So I don't think that I achieve any extra growth because of it.  Most of the reviews on Youtube suggest that it takes up to month to really see results.  Bee Mine does sell the serum without the sulfur and in various other formulations, but I rather just grow my hair my hair the old fashioned way.  And that's all I have to say about that lol!  On to the next question....

I don't think I spend that much time doing my hair, my routine is quite simple.  Here's an example....Monday evening I co-wash and apply a deep conditioner and leave it in overnight.  Tuesday morning I rinse the dc out and set my hair in twists or braids for a style out.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I'll wear the twist/braids in various different updo's.  My updos take about 5 minutes or less to do , just grab a bunch of bobby pins and go awf...lol!!!  The on Saturday and Sunday I wear a twist or braid out.  On Monday you start over again...That's it!  The less manipulation the better your hair will be.

And I think most naturals, especially as their hair grows longer, go through periods where they don't feel like being bothered with their hair.  Even me.  But that's what puffs, buns, ponytails and scarves are for, be creative!  I hope this helps sis :-) 

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